The Program

For over twenty years Assist has provided confidential peer support to lawyers and their families. Assist continued the helping tradition by launching a formal Peer Support program. The program provides a link for Alberta lawyers to address personal and professional issues in a safe and confidential environment.

The goal of Assist is to prevent small problems from becoming larger issues that affect a lawyer’s practice and personal life. Volunteers help achieve this by providing support and resources and by encouraging lawyers to seek help early.

Peer support occurs when someone shares their knowledge and experience, whether practical, emotional or social, to help another person. Peer Support is a voluntary service offered through Assist that can be used on its own or in conjunction with professional counselling services.

Assist and our volunteers adhere to principles of strict confidentiality, within legal and ethical boundaries, in all situations. All interactions are discreet, confidential, and respectful.

What you can expect as a participant:

After contacting Assist, you will be matched with a qualified Peer Support volunteer who has shared a similar experience or who can relate to you. Your Peer Support match will be available to talk, share resources, and attend support meetings with you.

You can shape the Peer Support relationship based on your needs, while maintaining respect for personal boundaries (there is no minimum or maximum amount of interactions). You can expect a relationship of trust and confidentiality with someone who can relate to your experience.

What you can expect as a volunteer:

You can expect an opportunity to help fellow lawyers who are in need of emotional, personal, or career-related support. You will be trained to outline your responsibilities and develop skills as a volunteer. You get a chance to offer support, encouragement, and referral to the appropriate resources.

You have the ability to accept or decline matches depending on your comfort level and previous experiences. You will be part of a network of support through the Peer Support Program and professional psychological services.