Happy New Year from Assist!

It’s a new year. It may be the first year in a new decade (although purists say that 2021 starts the new decade), and it will be the Chinese Year of the Rat, the first year in the Chinese Zodiac cycle. Lots of newness, no matter how you slice it.

Assist wants to wish you a Happy New Year. May your year be filled with blessings, hope and joy. Consider making 2020 the year that you resolve to think about your mental health and take one step to support your well-being.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest step so here are a few ideas:

  • Learn a simple, relaxing breathing technique like Square Breathing that you can do at your desk when you feel stressed or overwhelmed:

square breathing

  • Express gratitude—aloud, in your head or in a journal. Noticing and identifying things we are grateful for helps counter negativity.

Kristine Klussman David Steindl Rast Grateful

  • Just like you look after your physical health and book regular checkups with your family doctor, book a mental health checkup with an Assist psychologist. This is included in your coverage
  • Volunteer to work with the less fortunate—altruism helps build positive emotions that are linked with happiness
  • Come to an Assist coffee circle to have a friendly, stress-free chat with some lawyers from your city
  • Practice self-care using the NESTS model:
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Sleep
    • Time for Outside Interests
    • Support
  • Call us for other ideas (403.537.5508)—we are always glad to hear from you and we have an extensive library of resources that we can help you access.