Assist is Confidential

Confidentiality is a critical factor for those reaching out for assistance, and why confidentiality is a key component of the Assist Mission Statement:

“Providing confidential help to lawyers, law students and their immediate families with personal issues.”

When you use the professional services made available to you through Assist your confidentiality is protected by:

  • Our structure. Assist is an independent, charitable society. We are not part of the Law Society or any other entity.
  • Professional services are delivered by third party professionals. These professionals are governed by the strict requirements of confidentiality by their own governing bodies. You are encouraged to speak with your counsellor about your confidentiality protections and the exceptions that exist.
  • Peer support is offered by volunteer lawyers, who are trained, and required to abide by a code of confidentiality.
  • Professionals do not disclose your name to Assist, the Law Society or anyone else. The reporting we receive is on a generic, accumulated basis with no personal identifying information.
  • Assist recognizes that to be successful, we must maintain confidentiality. It is one of the cornerstones of the Assist Program.